Build Measure Learn loop and the best way of incorporating UX into the Lean Startup method by Amanda Stockwell


  1. OK a little more description about this one. Amanda explained that her husband wanted to get her cake for her birthday but didn't know what she liked. So he didn't start buy buying full-sized giant rainbow cakes (or worse, making one), he started by buying a chocolate chocolate cupcake. That was his minimum viable product.
  2. After the first iteration it was clear Amanda didn't like chocolate, so the next iteration of their MVP was a vanilla cupcake from the grocery store, and that was closer to the user (Amanda's) goal. The second iteration was a vanilla cupcake with fancy sprinkles from the local bakery. The third (if I remember correctly) was with rainbow sprinkles aka "funfetti".
  3. In other words even though Amanda's ideal product would've been an funfetti birthday cake, her husband showing up with oil, eggs, and cake mix was not the minimum viable product. She wanted to eat cake, not bake cake.
  4. By this point I was really hungry for cake.
  5. "What's your hypothesis?" "An A/B test?" "NOPE".