Accessibility Equals Innovation by Tom Wlodkowski


  1. No, the accessibility hashtag isn't particularly accessible.
  2. Tom, for example, is blind, and navigated his entire persentation using his laptop, VoiceOver, and the Comcast devices he brought with him. No questioning whether he has the experience to talk about Accessibility needs.
  3. Products can be accessible on their own to a certain extent... but if they're on the web there's a good chance we need them to work with other products that were designed for overcoming accessibility issues.
  4. So if somebody asks you why we'd want disabled customers... (*yes* someone asked me that once.)
  5. Accessibility needs to be layered into every part of the design and development process.
  6. Accessible technology benefits all of us.
  7. Tom brought a voice remote and a set-top box (or at least a set-top box emulator) with him to show us what Comcast's doing to make their hardware and software easier for everyone to use.