TucsonCitizen.com Coverage of the Mass Shooting

This web-only news organization in Tucson was crushed by overwhelming amounts of internet traffic, and turned to social media channels to report the news. This storify timeline is a part of this piece on the Knight Citizen News Network: http://www.kcnn.org/spotted/tucsoncitizencom_gabrielle_giffords_shooting/


  1. Tucson Citizen coverage began almost immediately, with this one sentence posted by a blogger on the site:
  2. As internet users began to search for details on the news, the TucsonCitizen.com servers began to crash from the heavy amount of web traffic.  The site's editors began to rely on social media to report the story.
  3. The TucsonCitizen.com's new social media editor was at the press conference livetweeting the details:
  4. Their team also snapped photos from around town and shared them via Twitter.
  5. As bloggers could log back in to the CMS, they began posting firsthand accounts.  In this case, a gathering of Pima County Democrats quickly adjourned and clustered around a television set:
  6. While TucsonCitizen.com's servers were struggling, the site's social media editor shared tweets from other news organizations to keep followers informed.
  7. And included tweets from officials:
  8. As the dust began to settle, they turned the reporting inward to explain what had happened to the site's web servers: