The Pangu Exposure

The street finds its own uses for cybernetic kitties...


  1. This was a two-player game of The Sprawl using the new CyberKittens: Project Bakeneko setting mod.
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  3. Two players plus me made three corporations.
  4. Because this was a one-shot, I kept it simple and didn't make any custom corporation moves.
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  6. This is what my MC notes about characters look like (I have pages of these from various playtests! Without Aaron's cool layout though.) I make notes on description, tags, cyberware, moves, background and directives.
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  8. I asked the Reporter what story Channel 12 Global News had assigned her: a routine piece about krill contamination causing a burger shortage. I also asked what story she was really working on: the experimental facility that the Once-Cat Infiltrator had escaped from. How deep did it go?
  9. I made those both threat clocks. These are their final positions after the game:
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  12. CyberKittens: Project Bakeneko is available for Pay What You Want on DriveThruRPG now: