On June 4, 2013, folks from the Philly area and beyond gathered at Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center's new Special Collections Center for a day of digital humanities workshops, unconference sessions, and sharing, inspired by PhillyDH ( Check out our story!

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  1. A beautiful day in Philly outdoors kicked off a vibrant day of DH dialog indoors at the SCC.
  2. The "green-shirts" team got rave reviews as they helped folks get to where they needed to be all day.
  3. Our awesome Penn SCC staff was essential to running #PhillyDh !
  4. Someone was inspired to join Instagram just to look at great Philly views from the SCC!
  5. Joined instagram, just to post the same photo everyone else is posting. #PhillyDH
  6. Folks just couldn't stop taking photos of the view from the SCC...
  7. Obligatory photo of the gorgeous view of UPenn #PhillyDH
  8. @peasandpoetry, a coffee cart is genius!
  9. The day began, chocked full of workshops and unconferences and lightning rounds, oh my!
  10. From an unconference on metadata, where Penn Libraries folks discussed the Penn Provenance Project on Flickr: