Engaging Students through Technology Symposium 2012

The 2012 Symposium explored ways to engage with students at a deeper level, through social media and tech tools that help students master concepts and that free up valuable class time. The day included a faculty panel, student panel, lunch, and an unconference-style afternoon.


  1. First, we advertised the event via the WIC homepage and social media...
  2. Someone even used WIC's Twitter test account to announce the start of the Symposium!
  3. Educational Technology Librarian, Caitlin Shanley, handed out materials before the panels began.
  4. Then, Weigle Information Commons Director, Anu Vedantham, introduced the Faculty Panel. 
  5. Carton Rogers, Vice Provost and Director of Libraries, made some opening remarks
  6. Al Filreis talked about Social Media Relationships
  7. Then, Professor Peter Struck answered questions about Classics Online
  8. Next, Connie Scanga spoke about Structured Study Guides
  9. David Toccafondi, Vitale Digital Media Lab Coordinator, was sold on what these professors had to say!
  10. Shannon Lundeen presented on Video Ad Mashups - with a little Gangnam Style...
  11. ...and a little Axe and Dove..