Antonio Muse

Lover of tales in all forms and always musing a good story to spin; life is the ultimate story and my plot is thickening...

Loudan Evis Books

Loudan Evis Books we are a family run children's book publishing company. We aim to publish enchanting and engaging stories that bring imagination to life.

Seth Ditchik

Publisher at Princeton University Press; not an economist but I play one on TV. My confidence interval is +/-100%.

DJ Tone White

Napoleon Gomez

Napoleon Gomez is a Leader of #LosMineros, @IndustriALL_GU #Economist, and #NYTimes Best Seller. He fights for #workers & #socialjustice worldwide.

L.C. Rooney

Fearless writer of mystery fiction. Award-winning marketing strategist. Combining the two to help writers and others reach and engage their audiences.

Iris McCarthy

Food writer | Host @WWDB_AM_860 | Author Food Lovers' Guide to Philadelphia & Main Squeeze: Juicing Recipes for Your Healthiest Self

Michelle McHatton

Keeping it real since '71. If you don't like what I say on Twitter, I have a simple solution: DON'T READ IT! Writer, parent, Pats fan, 80s fan

Todd Spangler

Detroit Free Press correspondent. Looking for a good read, a good story, something, God.

Library director, YA fiction fanatic, photographer, constant coffee consumer. I believe in print books, having too many pets, and certain kinds of magic.

Em Taylor Romance

Author of romance books - mostly set in the past, sometimes set in the future, occasionally set in the here and now. Loves nutella and the beach

Winnie Sun ☀️

The Wealth Whisperer. Managing Director SunGroupWP. Forbes. CNBC. Renegade Millionaire Show. Wife, mom, pal, $ advisor #investwithme

Courtney Floyd

Has been informed that she is awkward. Likes books, rain, autumn, and coffee. Oh, and also sarcasm. Worries that adding sarcasm negates the rest. Adds paranoia.

Adam Mills

Writer, teacher, PhD student, freelance editor. Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy.


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