Touchstone Books

An imprint of Simon & Schuster, we publish commercial & literary fiction, narrative non-fiction, biography/memoir, diet & fitness, sports & entertainment, & more.


Freelance writer & editor, Buddhist, vegetarian, mama, queer, feminist.

Matthew Davenport

Ella Vader

Old enough to know better. Too lazy for a walkabout so I travel for work. Hellenic polytheist. I write mythic sci-fi.

Anitra Jean Kinison

amateur singer, writer & photographer & happily married mother of 5. WWF/WWE fan since '92; pro/semi-pro/amateur wrestling fan since the age of 5

Carolina Coppoli

BI & Strategy Director OGILVY/ GEOMETRY GLOBAL. @@@@@@@@@@ Curious. Bringing worlds together. Working with Creativity, BI, Design Thinker,Psychologyst,Dramatist

Neil Shurley

Writer. Actor. Ukulele evangelist. Coffee achiever. Semi-professional nerd.

Antonio Muse

Lover of tales in all forms and always musing a good story to spin; life is the ultimate story and my plot is thickening...

Loudan Evis Books

Loudan Evis Books we are a family run children's book publishing company. We aim to publish enchanting and engaging stories that bring imagination to life.

Seth Ditchik

Publisher at Princeton University Press; not an economist but I play one on TV. My confidence interval is +/-100%.

DJ Tone White

Napoleon Gomez

Napoleon Gomez is a Leader of #LosMineros, @IndustriALL_GU #Economist, and #NYTimes Best Seller. He fights for #workers & #socialjustice worldwide.

L.C. Rooney

Fearless writer of mystery fiction. Award-winning marketing strategist. Combining the two to help writers and others reach and engage their audiences.

Iris McCarthy

Food writer | Host @WWDB_AM_860 | Author Food Lovers' Guide to Philadelphia & Main Squeeze: Juicing Recipes for Your Healthiest Self