Lorie Mitchell

High School Librarian, Educational Technologist, and Mom - All posted is my personal opinion & doesn't reflect the opinions of my employer.

Amy Byer Shainman

The BRCA Responder BRCA Health Advocate BRCA 1 positive, previvor

Lara Prescott

My name is Lara. I write fiction, help animals, and do some other stuff.

Daniel Barnes

Daniel Barnes Beddingfield High School

Rebecca J Lynch

New media and communications student interested in writing and film making. Cat owner, PT Cruiser driver, hedgehog enthusiast.

book publishing professional / dream connoisseur / anxious

The Product Poet

I'm just a #Poet, that loves #branding and #haiku. Owns two aching thumbs.


I'm a middle-aged mom with Motherhood Unintentional Distraction Disorder (MUDD). I #momblog the lunacy here http://t.co/6bWgdtdm. Come along!

Ali Murat Kurşun

Εκδόσεις Πατάκη

Εκδοτικός οίκος - Publishers

Susan Tucker

#InboundMarketing & #DigitalMarketing Pro in #Boulder, CO; Contributor to @SavvySassyMoms & @TravelingMamas; #Mom of 2 fun boys. On FB: http://t.co/SnQT23ARrh

James W. Bergman

Writer, advocate for freedom of the press, information junkie. Always searching for truth, justice and D.B. Cooper.

Independent publisher of really good books such as Dark Eden, The Slap, The White Tiger, Hitch 22, Snowdrops, The Dinner and more. Follow for news & giveaways.

Annette Lesak

Chicagoan, school librarian, reader, runner, eater, auntie, doggie mama, yogi, booty-shaker, world traveler. Life is good.

Ayanna Gillian Lloyd

Writer, Editor, Collaborator at Designer Island. Personal blog http://t.co/1ivCBb3lT3