Club Penguin player, lover of art, writing, reading and music. I'm also real and my tweets are simply the meh-est of them all.

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Krissi Hill

English student at the Uni of Exeter, sometimes journalist, sometimes blogger @

Danielle Smith

Bibliophile, Ailurophile, aka Crazy Person

ion sevastre

Colliding Orbits

COLLIDING ORBITS ~ a novel by T. S. Fox. Read the opening Chapters free online. Details about the Novel and Author

Kathryn Cripps

Teacher/librarian, sports fanatic, political junkie who loves learning, interested in information literacy, impacts of technology on learning and collaboration.

Tameca L Coleman

Dedi Keenan Thorne


Has a brain. Is scared.

Lisa Marie Basile

poet | author of APOCRYPHAL | founding editor of @lunalunamag | content director @localvox | lucifera, lolita, lucretia

Larry O'Hanlon

Independent Science Journalist and online science media manager. I'm a geologist-turned-journalist, in the biz since 1991.

Pate McMichael

Author, Journalist, Pit Boss

Courtney Crowder

Courtney Crowder is a reporter writing about trends and TV @dmregister. Previously: @chicagotribune, @WGNRadio. Tips:

Mrs. Merritt

Passionate educator promoting teaching via fine arts and a globally-connected classroom.