TWEETS OF THE WEEK || Week of January 13, 2012

A constantly-updating selection of some of the most interesting stories in the PE world, down to 140 characters.


  1. The first full week of 2012 brings in a year of hope, determination, and, well, a lot fewer PE firms these days. Performance is king.
  2. Let's kick off the week with a new private equity cartoon from Buyouts' David Toll!
  3. Ok, now that we've loosened you guys up, it's time to talk about the BIG story of this week (and what will continue to be a big story until the November election): 
    Mitt Romney's ties to Bain Capital and the private equity industry.

    A Newt Gingrich-supporting Super PAC, Winning Our Future (which is majorly backed by Las Vegas Sands head Sheldon Adelson), released a short film documenting some of the failures Bain Capital endured, interviewing various employees and focusing on 4 different companies. I do not plan to watch the film as it dilutes from what today's private equity industry is TRYING to do, but I've attached the link below.
  4. The film, combined with a growing public onslaught on the private equity industry, produced a slew of articles around the major publications. Here is a sample of some of the most interesting and compelling.

    Let's start with the WSJ's poll, PEHub's poll, the NYT, Marketplace's Heidi Moore, The Deal, and the Mergers & Acqusitions publication.
  5. Fortune's Dan Primack did a set of fact-checking on the film and found multiple errors. Moreover, he, like myself and many of those who understand the industry, makes a call to inform among the industry to let the general public know what PE is all about:
  6. The Washington Post also did a fact-checking of the film and rated it "Four Pinocchios," its highest rating of errors.
  7. The Teamsters, a union the private equity industry knows all too well, added their thoughts.
  8. So did the NY Post's Josh Kosman.
  9. When Gingrich lost in New Hampshire, he partly backed up his comments on Romney and private equity, but he still said he would not back down. 
  10. Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, also challenged Romney on his ties to Bain. What people don't know is that he has received multiple donations from private equity as well, as conservative radio host Laura Ingraham points out.