A Powerful Reveal: Former President George W. Bush's Keynote at the ACG LA Business Conference (9-12-12)

Former President George W. Bush did a keynote at the ACG LA Business Conference. Electronics were required to be turned off during the keynote, and the press was shut off from filming, but some intrepid attendees (primarily Chris Manderson aka @mergerlawblog) took down HIS FULL TRANSCRIPT.


  1. Before the keynote...it was intense all around.

  2. ACG Global's Christine Melendes provided some quick takeaways...

  3. ...but Chris Manderson took down THE ENTIRE TRANSCRIPT OF BUSH'S SPEECH. Some details were REALLY revealing.

    Here we go:

  4. (Not sure how I feel about the standing ovation.)

    Bush begins on his work with professors:

  5. Bush on leadership:

  6. Yes, President Bush almost fired Karl Rove in an instant: