Peace Corps Connect - Boston 2013

The National Peace Corps Association hosted its second annual gathering, Peace Corps Connect - Boston 2013, on the weekend of June 28 – 29. Check out all the news on the conference below, and learn more about NPCA Peace Corps Connect events at

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  1. Peace Corps Connect - Boston 2013 got underway June 28-29, with hundreds of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, National Peace Corps Association staff members, foreign dignitaries, speakers, and many more making their way to Boston to participate!
  2. Checking in our RPCV guests for the Boston Peace Corps Connect event!! #peacecorps #boston #checkin #volunteer #rpcv
  3. Checking in and telling us why the Peace Corps matters...
  4. Deborah, RPCV from Bulgaria shares why Peace Corps matters! #peacecorps #bulgaria #volunteer #boston
  5. Day One was jam-packed! Board meetings, panel discussions, exhibits by RPCVs and friends of the Peace Corps community provided a fun-filled kick-start to Peace Corps Connect in Boston...
  6. Some of the NPCA staff members were recognized for many years worth of service to the NPCA and the larger Peace Corps community as a whole. Great work, NPCA, and thanks for all you do!
  7. RPCV member groups used the conference as a chance to meet up, connect with other groups, and share ideas!