A fun weekend of concerts at Cruzan

The weekend opened with KISS and Motley Crue playing loud and proud on Friday, pogo-ed to young punk and rock bands playing the Warped Tour on Saturday and then took on a twang with Sugarland and Lauren Alaina on Sunday. It was a big weekend at the Cruzan Amphitheatre.

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  1. Friday: KISS/Motley Crue

  2. R U Ready! Motley Crüe and KISS tonight at Cruzan Amp. Headbangers jam :]
  3. Saturday: Warped Tour

  4. Generic warped tour status displaying excitement and willingness to get dirt in bones. Cruzan here I come.
  5. Sunday: Sugarland

  6. Headed to Cruzan Ampitheatre. Sugarland, here we come:)
  7. The life of my son the last 24 hours..free tickets to Marlins Vs. Padres, night at beach house in Fort Lauderdale. Backstage VIP passes to Sugarland tonite at the Cruzan Ampitheatre.....must be nice....