"From eLearning to Learning": MPPL Staff Inservice Day 2016

This lightly-edited Storify document captures some of the blended (onsite-online) conversations that extended an innovative daylong approach to Mount Prospect Public Library's Staff Inservice Day (SID) far beyond the meeting rooms of the event on May 13, 2016.


  1. The following references came, during the initial highly-interactive keynote presentation, in response to our discussion about how we can help library users in online environments sift through reliable and unreliable sources; I cited Howard Rheingold's "Net Smart: How to Thrive Online" as a great resource to address the question and encouraged session participants to tweet the name out for themselves as a way of using Twitter to take notes while also extending the conversation beyond the walls of the room. This was the moment, early in the daylong event, when Twitter began serving as a vehicle to help participants (what I lovingly call "co-conspirators"--a term I picked up from my colleagues in #etmooc) understand that eLearning is far more than recorded learning opportunities posted online.