25 questions to Owen Jones about Venezuela

As Jones broke his silence Jack Staples-Butler was ready with some questions


  1. In September last year I wrote 'Venezuela: The left's giant forgetting' which documented the strange silence which had fallen over those members of the British left who had fallen hardest for Venezuela's Chavez and Maduro.
  2. This post prompted the historian Jack Staples-Butler to write an epic expanding on what I'd done. It had a particular focus on the well-known British journalist and commentator Owen Jones.
  3. Neither of us were the first to note this strange silence - the writer James Bloodworth has written of it as well.
  4. Last night Jones broke 750 days of silence on Venezuela in his appearance on Sky News' Newspapers Review.
  5. He did not - as Guido tweeted - condemn the 'authoritarian government', he pointed to a Labour Party statement which used the word 'authoritarian. (For more on issues with the Party statement see my previous Storify.)
  6. Why Labour's Venezuela policy is awful (with images, tweets) · pauloCanning
  7. Jones equivocated, whatabouted, mouthed regime propaganda about protesters and more (including comments which suggest the themes of his eventual written Non-Mea Culpa).
  8. IEA's Kate Andrews Schools Owen Jones on Venezuela
  9. The fact of Jones finally speaking on Venezuela led Staples-Butler to tweetstorm 25 questions for him - which he will have seen as Staples-Butler is not blocked - but he has yet to respond.