Replacing Summit Place Mall in Waterford Twp.

Readers told The Oakland Press what they would like to see developed on the site of the long-shuttered Summit Place Mall in Waterford Township. A new IKEA location and housing topped the request list and most commenters were united in their stance against a Walmart location.


  1. Shelly Walker Park/ waterpark or maybe a drive-in. Miss the old drive-ins. I grew up in waterford and it's not what it used to be. That's for sure. Especially that area.
  2. Ken Frick I was told, in 2009 that there were talks, about having some minor league baseball gig going there..what happened to that thought process?.
  3. Cindy Roy I would like to see The Summit Place Mall at The Summit Place mall. "Great" Lakes is not great's horrible
  4. Rachael Brown I would love to see a local park with walking/running paths with maybe a dog park attached. I know there is not a lot of money in something like that but I think it would be a very family friendly addition to or area.
  5. Kelly N Kevin Scholts OMGosh! I'm putting my house up for sale in Waterford NOW if a prison or yet another low income apartment complex goes up. Don't you people realize the reason Waterford is going down hill is because of all of the low income housing drawing in all the riff raff?
  6. Craig Maple A giant wall separating Pontiac and Waterford
  7. Melissa Speagle Sports complex... Indoor BMX, skate, soccer/ lacrosse fields, batting cages etc... Could still have food court and restaurants too!!!
  8. Joyce LaHaye Adventures or aquarium or restaurants varieties!!
  9. Janet Lewan Ursitti Continuing education center for the trades. Electric, plumbing, carpentry. Mi needs skilled workers.
  10. Rachel Scott I agree make it an IKEA lol drive in, water park, anything really such a hot spot that's being wasted
  11. James E. Hill Indoor Amusement Park where I can get fresh funnel cake and cotton candy for me and my girls and not worry about traffic or hotels, and naturally rides.
  12. Kelly N Kevin Scholts Low income housing is the worst idea I have ever heard. Please no more low income housing!!! There is plenty of those around Pontiac/Waterford area. It is a big enough piece of land to build a sports complex for the kids and still have some land for a park. Or some sort of businesses to bring work to the area so there is not a need for more low income housing. People need to work and kids needs to have someplace to go that involves sports instead of running the streets getting in trouble.
  13. Amanda Wymer Demolish it, an open piece of land would be better than what it is now. Please no apartments we have plenty. I would hate to see them do something like on telegraph where they start building something and just abandon it
  14. Vicki Zuithof A nice restaurant and affordable shopping and entertainment for the community. This area has lost all of its pride and respect, people go elsewhere to find things.
  15. Bill Peterson Um... no one is stating the obvious, which is what killed it in the first place - gangs and the economy, both of which have not been resolved. Build something else in its place, and it's only a matter of time that it will go under again. Duh.
  16. Jim Carrigan Tear it down and put in a dog park!
  17. Kevin Collard First ever thrift stores mall, st Vincent, Salvation army, Goodwill, habitat for humanity, veterans, etc...
  18. Chris Beer Part of the building could be an Indoor BMX Track for the kids.
  19. Linda Wardach A huge sports complex, basketball, soccer, clinics for softball and baseball, gym equipment. Think it could fly!!!
  20. David Scott New County Jail with no bed space restrictions with a drug rehab center
  21. Frank Grimaldi Downtown Waterford, restaurants, bars, venues.
  22. Doris Whittenpineau I would like to see affordable veteran housing built there! It's close to public transportation & the Oakland Vet center.
  23. Robin Gross How about a casino? Not only will it generate employment, but it would also increase security to the area as well.