Lynne Abraham Speaks at PCCH

Mayoral candidate and former District Attorney addresses the church about education, jobs, security and the upcoming Philadelphia race for mayor.


  1. Lynne Abraham opened up the forum at 12:30pm discussing her reasons for running and her policies.
  2. Abraham talked about her immense love for the city.
  3. Abraham went on to say that the way to win an election is by raising money, but she says she can't be bought.
  4. She addressed the three main policy points of her campaign.
  5. She specifically emphasized that crime is something that she will not tolerate as mayor and did not tolerate as DA.
  6. She then opened up the forum for questions from the audience and addressed the issue of public schools.
  7. She ended her talk on a high note and showed her humorous side.
  8. After the talk, she spoke with the audience and even the press.
  9. For a look at photos from the event, visit The Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill's Facebook page.
  10. To learn more about Lynne Abraham and her race for mayor visit and be sure to follow her on Twitter @LynneForMayor