4 Ways To Build The Strength Of Your Brand and Improve SEO


  1. When Google first began, it was different from other search engines in the way that it used off-site information to rank pages on the internet. Back then, the off-site information it used were links that pointed to the website. Nowadays it is much harder to rank a website, and that's because, in 2017, Google takes a large spread of available data into account. The best way to make any website rank better in today's Google is to actually become the kind of website and business that Google should be showing to people in the top results. You want your website to be a quality website.
  2. While backlinks are still an important ranking signal, it is best not to focus exclusively on building them without also building your brand in the process. If you want to do this the right way, you'd be wise to pay attention to these 4 ways of building your brand in the digital world that will also lift your SEO up in the process.
  3. #1. Become An Invaluable Resource For Your Target Market
  4. One of the best ways to improve your brand's strength online is to become a go-to resource that offers a unique take on some of the problems that your potential customers are having. The more your content can stand the test of time and continue to offer people help, the better it will build your brand and SEO now and going into the future.
  5. One way to become a helpful resource is to create a tutorial that shows people how to get something done that they might be having a problem with. Another idea is to interview someone who has expertise in your industry. A third way of doing this is to create a tool that can help your target customers solve a typical problem they have.
  6. #2. Test and Improve
  7. If you haven't done user testing on your website, you are already two or three steps behind the game. By watching people try to navigate your website or perform specific tasks on a spread of different devices you can find weaknesses and areas you can improve. Some areas you should know about is how well your website stacks up to your competitors, how efficient your conversion funnel is, and how quickly your pages load. In the end, you need to study, test, and redesign any areas of your site that can be improved. This can greatly build your brand's strength.
  8. #3. Make People Care About Your Brand
  9. Too many companies today rely on outdated methods of creating low quality content and posting it on their social media accounts in hope of improving their brand. This is a waste of time. Instead, you should be focusing on what you can create to be newsworthy. Some ways of doing this include solving a problem your audience has had that no one else has been able to figure out, contributing in some way to your community, creating content that is entertaining or very funny, or by putting together a unique and original study that brings understanding or solves regular concerns in your industry.
  10. #4. Get Your Web Visitors To Come Back Time After Time
  11. If you can't Inspire people to come back to visit your website after they initially show up, you're going to have a hard time building your brand. Some good ways of doing this are offering rewards for active users of your website, creating extremely valuable content and having your visitors sign up for a way to be notified of new content, building the type of online community where users help each other out, and giving excellent recommendations.
  12. Conclusion

  13. While SEO and backlink building are not going away, building your brand is the new way of ensuring your long-term success in a digital world. By paying attention to the tips in this article you'll be on your way to succeeding in no time.
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