How important is your Twitter bio?

I've been followed by a bunch of random folks lately, so to sort out the ones that I'd like to follow back, I've had to find a way to quickly make a decision.


  1. When someone new followed me, I used to look at the bio, the most recent tweets, then check out the website listed in their profile. It seemed like a good way to get to know the folks. This thorough method also helped me get to know the folks I decided to follow back, so they wouldn't just be a random face in my stream.

    Lately though, there's too many new tweeps to be doing this kind of background check. So, I've resorted to looking only at the bio.

    I'm sad to say that I've been following far fewer folks because the bios just aren't that interesting. And, with this realization I have to admit that my own bio could use some freshening up.

    If your bio is less than stellar, or worse you don't have one, follow along and let's see how we can make it more appealing to followers.
  2. What makes a good Twitter bio?

    Well, it better not be boring. Nothing makes me click away from you faster than the "Devoted mother/father and loving wife/husband, interested in social media" bio.

    Really? That's all there is to you?

    I bet if you dig a little deeper or, hell, ask a friend, you'll find something quirky and fun about you that will make people smile, make them curious or make them remember you. That IS what you want, right?

    Here's a few Twitter bios that caught my eye:

  3. But while you're busy showing your human personality, don't forget to pepper in a few keywords so you can get found. There are a few more helpful dos and don'ts listed, too.

  4. So, does your Twitter bio measure up? If not, how will you change it?