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Networks matter for teaching and learning

In this story I'll gather responses to @courosa’s call for his keynote at the Melbourne PLE conference, which expects participants to find ways to answer this question: “Why do (social) networks matter in teaching & learning?” (


  1. Below, in a Google Docs, you’ll find some of the submissions received by Alec Couros aka @courosa.

  2. @catspyjamasnz on Twitter. Image credit to Hugh Macleod:  
  3. 1. Video responses:

    @malynmawby, who prefers the term “social networks” rather than PLN, uses networks to learn, grow and socialize.

  4. I love my social networks
  5. 2. Answers on Twitter with links to websites:

    @drewwhitworth1 reminded us that networks play an important part in the political field and citizenship. The paper “Social Media Censorship in Times of Political Unrest - A Social Simulation Experiment with the UK Riots” shows possible consequences of attempting to “regulate”, filter or censor social media in situations of (social) unrest.

  6. The seven degrees of Connectedness are:

    1) Lurker; 2) Novice; 3) Insider; 4) Colleague; 5) Collaborator; 6) Friend; 7) Confident.

  7. Using networks to get to know your tribe.
  8. 3. Full Answers delivered on Twitter [hashtag - #whynetworksmatter]: