Korean Drama Effect On Cultural and Feminist Theory

Korean Drama has overcome our society ever since. They had gain a lot of popularity and had impact on our cultural and society especially in female.


  1. Our society tends to be easily influence by other cultural. Korean Drama is one of the main aspect that people are into the most not only in Thailand but also throughout the world. Asia considered to be one of the most influential region from Korean cultural not only drama but also their music, fashion and more as it seem to be all over the places.
  2. Back in 2012, Psy a famous korean singer who made the world dance in Gangnam Style had brought South Korea to the spotlight around the world. However, fast forwarding to 2015, Korea had gained it popularity up until now as it raised the phenomenon of their media products to a successful point of expansion.
  3. PSY - GANGNAM STYLE(강남스타일) M/V
  4. The video below is an example of Korean drama that had become popular in our society.
  5. Top 10 Korean Drama Series
  6. When it comes to asking most of the women in the society nowadays, of course, everyone would know or consume Korean drama. If we were to ask what they impressed the most in the drama, it would be how women role in the series seem to be more of a fairytale and how people would want to become them. In today's culture it teaches women that they're worth is more about beauty and men thus, less about their intelligence.
  7. Example on the drama called 'My Love From The Star' - Focusing on Feminist Theory
  8. According to Nicole Tyrimou, she stated that the famous Korean series called 'My Love From The Star' had influence women in many ways. 'Chi-Mak' which is a play on Korean word for fried chicken and beer has become a popular dish due to the female actress in the show as she likes to consume it.
  9. Not only within the attiude that influence women in our society but also the products that the female protagonist uses as well become popular. Product placements in the show including luxury brand such as Cartier, Chanel, Goyard, Dior, Celine, DKNY and many more had boosted the demand in particular items worn and used by the main female protagonist in the series - Jun Ji Hyun.
  10. Beside, Korean drama has been enormously popular especially among younger group of women audiences. Nowaday, most of the drama were written by women giving that the storyline is basically focus on love and women's dream. One study shows that 40 percent of Korean women audiences criticised romance drama but at the same time they admit that they have not missed a single episode.
  11. Moreover, not only feminist theory that korean drama had influence us but their cultural have also put an impact on how we act or communicate. Many of the people start influence by eating their food, study their languages in order to understand or even trying to adapt their cultural use.
  12. People consume Korean drama more than Thai drama because they found that Thai drama and Korean drama, comparing on its quality Korean drama seem to be more enjoyable and better in quality. Based on cultural appeal, by watching a foreign drama it allows people to absorb different cultural and aspect e.g. when watch Korean series you will understnad that shoes are taken off at the door without anyone needing to tell you whereas in the Western, we just wear shoes everyday.
  13. 'Decendent of the Sun' - lastest famoust korean series that had been rival all over the internet had reaches it success on breaking the record of Chinese investment. Due to the popularity it had influence so much of their culture into us. Many countries especially China had got hit by the korean wave ever since. From people starting to act like korean, learn their languages and now it had influence on their business.