Jim Brayton

Old Kid, New Father

Hugh MacLeod

Cartoonist, bestselling author, marketing thinker. Me and the team make Social Objects for clients.

Mitt's Body Man

Justin A. Schuck

Filmmaker & designer talking #design #politics #film. Director at @LibertyLaneFilm, President @InfluentialDC, former @The_RGA Creative Director.


We are a full-service digital agency and the creators of @GetMultiply. Follow our team at @engagedc/team

Joichi Ito

Working very hard between dives. Friending people on Facebook that I actually know. If there is a chance I don't remember your name or know you under a pseudonym, please add a message in any friend request. Thanks!

Elizabeth A. Terrell

All you need to know, you may very well never know. It is in the heat of its pursuit we create our lives :) DCTech Film Comms Mktg Creative CogSci Econ UX


VP @ SS+K. Advisor for non-profit, politics, biz, entertainment + sports. Former Nat'l Special Projects Dir. for Obama. Houston, Edinburgh, Berlin 26.2s in 2012

Mike Dec

Audrey Perry Martin

Conservative campaign finance and election law attorney. Formerly Deputy Campaign Mngr. for Poizner in CA, counsel for McCain-Palin, and Romney for President.

Melissa Clouthier

Mother. Doctor. Blogger. Connector. Politics. Culture. Religion. Science. iPad. Fantasy. Conservative-libertarian. Christian. #TCOT RT ≠ Endorsement

Tania Gail

Award-winning Gardener, Photographer, Blogger, Conservative, Chasing 26.2, Committeewoman and PR Friendly.


Discover which of your friends are voters, and campaign with them to elect candidates you believe in.

Semil Shah

Entrepreneur and advisor, interested in digital media, consumer web, & social networks. Occasional contributor to @TechCrunch | www.semilshah.com


Making the web tell a story. Sorting through the noise to find the voices online that matter. Co-founded by @burtherman and @xdamman