Developer, Tech fan, Gamer. My views represent my own and not that of employers or industry groups.

William Gomes

Human Rights Activist Freelance Journalist. RTs ≠ endorsement. Email - [email protected]


I favor the funny.

Lee Stranahan

Indie investigative journalist & filmmaker. Christian. Consenting Adults Conservative. Breitbart protege. Narrator: Occupy Unmasked. Lots of kids at homeschool.


Small Business Owner, Candidate for State Representative in Berlin, Boylston, Clinton, Lancaster, Northborough, and Sterling

Andrés Massigoge

Est. Administración en UBA.

Trefilova Alice

I adore folk and rock music and good fantasy (and not only!) books. Tolkien fan. I write poems and short stories, like travelling and gonna learn Spanish

Tom Wilbur

Comms/Digital @HouseCommerce | Proud Michigander | Grind

Dan Schmidt

Coder bum.

James Bulczak


Official iPhone Unlock & Jailbreak News Source!

Aymee V. Zubizarreta, MBA

The plana zubizarretA group is a full-service marketing, public relations and business development firm that specializes in helping brands build long-lasting and meaningful relationships with today’s savvy Latino consumer in the United States and in Latin America. The Miami-based firm offers business services that help ignite, engage, connect and maintain customer brand loyalty. They build value and advance long-term business goals to reach potential new investors and influencers. The plana zubizarretA group team delivers results-driven marketing communications services for both General Market and US Hispanic audiences.

David McGee

I @RoseMc9ee, omelettes, paleo noms. Generalist. Co-founder @vivianlabs. BNA → LEX → PGH → MPHS Beauty will save the world.

Jonathan Rick

Sprachgefuhl-striving, @NYTimes-reading, free market-supporting, flip flop-wearing, @BlackBerry-carrying swimmer by dawn, social media strategist by day

Kailei Higginson

A Law student maintaining an unhealthy interest in politics and trying to find his way in the world.