Bosoncea Constantin


i worked the phone banks for Reagan, first term. Praying for that light on a hill. Gonna fight for her too.

Cried when Chewbacca died. Media Studies student. 40% Politics RTs, 40% Culture RTs, 20% BS. Purported Evangelical Christian via

Josh Peterson

In motion.


conf guy; investing via SK Ventures; planning to fund skynet's seed round.

Todd Plants

Rouser of rabble and raconteur. Teller of ribald tales.

Matt Popovich

Former comms @smittyforag. Opinions here solely those of Gary Busey. RTs = marriage proposals.


Michael Wade

Freedom-lovin' lawyer from Virginia

Jeff Peterson

Subject Matter Specialist

Benoît Thieulin

CEO de l'Agence @LaNetscouade (Strat, Apps, New Media) / Président du @CNNum. The digital revolution changes the world by empowering societies!

Dan Nestle

Dad, husband, marketer, communicator, writer, grammar hawk. Japanese speaker. Social media hanger-on. MS in Internet Marketing.

City Journal

A quarterly magazine of urban affairs, published by the Manhattan Institute, edited by Brian C. Anderson.

Kimberly Munoz

Kimberly Munoz is helping progressives A/B test all the (social) things at @ShareProgress.

Alejandro Alvarez

Journalism / IR Student | Multimedia Managing Editor and Writer for @TheEagleOnline at @AmericanU. Love music, long walks, and talking.