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Corporate Housing Houston - Best Options

Manley Management, LLC (713) 385-2286 offers the best and most affordable luxury corporate apartments in Houston, Tx. When I travel to Houston, Tx. I always stay with them because they have fully furnished corporate executive apartments and suites. I was impressed and will use them on my next trip.


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  2. This video gives you a pretty good idea of what they are all about...
  3. Corporate Housing Houston | (713) 385-2286 | Manley Management, LLC
  4. The owners are Patrick and Donna Manley, and they have been providing Houston's best corporate housing options for over 2 decades. In the map below, you can see some of their most popular properties. They have tons of furnished luxury executive suites, apartments, and condos for short term and long term rental in places like: the Houston Heights, Inside the 610 Loop, the Energy Corridor, the Galleria Area, and all of Houston's hot spots.
  5. Visiting Houston on a Business Trip...

  6. If you are here on business, then it might be best to stay at one of our locations near Downtown or inside the 610 Loop.
  7. Corporate Housing in the Houston Medical Center

  8. Manley Management has several corporate apartments and executive suites for lease in the Houston Medical Center. Call 713-385-2286 to book your suite today. Here is a quick look at the Texas Medical Center...
  9. Corporate Housing in the Houston Galleria Area

  10. Many of our clients like to stay in the Galleria Area. This is one of Houston's most popular business districts and we have several units available for immediate rental. Whether you are staying for a few weeks or a few months, we can put you right in the middle of all the action that the Houston Galleria has to offer.
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  12. Corporate Housing Houston | (713) 385-2286 | Manley Management, LLC