#CAUSE3 and #DVSROE ... a Canadian perspective

A huge bi-national experiment on the use of social media in all aspects of emergency management is currently taking place across the eastern border between Canada and the US. Federal governments, state and provincial governments, municipalities, NGOs and digital volunteers are all involved.


  1. A view of the "experiment" from an official Canadian view ...
  2. This project goes well beyond official agencies ... in fact, a principal tenet of the DVSROE (a part of the CAUSE III experiment) is to demonstrate the positive (and now essential) role of digital volunteers during emergencies. VOST or Virtual Operations Support Teams form both sides of the border are taking part. CanVOST is leading the way in Canada:
  3. -
  4. And to get a better idea of the broader scope of the CAUSE III project:
  5. The CAUSE III (or Cause #) exercise has garnered the attention of the media as well:
  6. The role of social media in emergencies | Watch News Videos Online
  7. But naturally, the most important forum where news of Cause3 and the DVSROE spread is ... social media: And the focus is often on digital volunteers and VOST.
  8. The lesson here: digital volunteers are coming ! Whether official agencies want it or not ... tech and social media-savvy citizens are increasingly playing a role in speeding up response and recovery efforts by crowdsourcing damage reports, matching offers of help and requests for assistance, and forming groups online that go out and help communities recover.
  9. Still don't believe social media can play a role and that it's not important during an incident? See why digital volunteers monitor social networks during a disaster ... one of the reasons: people will call for help? Will you see that call for assistance if you ignore Twitter or Facebook in your response?
  10. Thankfully ...someone was listening and medicine was delivered ...
  11. That's but one example of why digital volunteers like #CanVOST members are needed.