Let's Reflect - #DSMA Twitter Chat July 12

Kerri Sparling (@sixuntilme) hosted @DiabetesSocMed weekly twitter chat for The Patient Revolution (@patientrev). Here is what happened.


  1. The chat used questions from a reflection document developed by The Patient Revolution to explore the conversations patients and clinicians are and are not having. We hope patients and caregivers read these responses and gain confidence to share their own answers with their clinicians. We hope clinicians, administrators and policy makers are moved to consider how their care strategies and processes may be helping or hindering these conversations.
  2. The big takeaways...
  3. 1) People with chronic conditions are living full, complicated lives and the best care happens when patients and clinicians make an effort to make that part of the conversation.
  4. 2) What works great for one person is a poor strategy for someone else, even if they are living with the same condition. Clinicians shouldn't assume they know what is best for someone.
  5. 3) The primary care doctor who gives out pink lizards to remind patients their anxiety is just their lizard brain is the best doctor. We must meet this doctor ASAP!

  6. Q1: What is one non-medical thing your doctor should know about you?