Change is impossible without clinicians and patients; can frugal metrics be used to engage with these groups?

Most healthcare systems are undergoing seismic changes: ACOs in USA to similar models in NHS; can frugal metrics engage patients & clinicians?


  1. On Wednesday, November 2, 2016, at 12:00 ET, we hosted a tweet chat to discuss shared decision-making with an eye toward heath care reform.
  2. Hosted by Sukmeet Panesar, who has a background as a clinician. He has worked in the specialties of emergency medicine and public health. At the moment he juggles three hats: management consultancy at Accenture where he co-leads on new care model design and digital enablement, academia at Baylor where his research area is patient safety and policy-making and health care system redesign with colleagues at Dartmouth. Further details of his work can be found here - 
  3. Co-hosted by Albert Mulley @almulley the Managing Director, Global Health Care Delivery Science and Professor of Medicine at the Geisel School of Medicine. He is an international leader in the science and application of shared decision making and other forms of collaboration between clinicians and patients. Today, we witness his successful Twitter debut!
  4. And coming to us as a patient advocate, self-proclaimed health policy wonk, and all around funny broad, channeling George Carlin most days is Casey Quinlan @MightyCasey.
  5. Q: