4 Considerations to Make During Event Planning

When holding an event, choosing the right venue can make a significant difference. Whether the event is a cocktail party.


  1. When holding an event, choosing the right venue can make a significant difference. Whether the event is a cocktail party, awards gala, business meeting or week-long conference, there are many considerations to make when choosing Event Venues in Singapore. Below are several top tips on selecting a place to hold an event.

    Think About the Location

    For the greatest chance of a successful event, Event & Party Venues in Singapore should be easily accessible to guests. Choose an event near a metro hub, and ensure that there's plenty of nearby parking. If guests are coming from out of town, choose a venue that has hotels within walking distance. For multi-day events, select a place with nearby attractions, shops and restaurants, so guests have a way to occupy their downtime.

    Be Flexible on Size and Space

    Size and space are important considerations when choosing from Singapore's Party Venues. If the room is too small it will feel crowded; too big and attendance will seem artificially low. Most venues offer capacity information for all rooms, and planners should have a target attendance slightly under that limit. Choose a venue with multiple room sizes so the event can move to a bigger or smaller room based on registration numbers.

    Extra Services

    Whether the event is a press conference, cocktail reception or banquet, the planner should ensure that the venue has handled similar events in the past, and that the staff can provide the right assistance. Venues with in-house catering and AV services are a great option, as everything is on-site and ready to use. However, some venues have additional charges for these services, and planners should ask what is included when they price service packages.

    Value and Price

    Price is a primary factor when choosing a venue for an event. Planners should look for places offering rental rates that include setups, linens and basic items, to avoid surprise fees. A venue that does not require a minimum food and beverage purchase provides more flexibility for planners to create the type of menu they want while staying on a budget.

    The chosen venue should have helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Even if the location, pricing and everything else is perfect, an inattentive staff can ruin any event. However, a friendly, polite staff can make an event special and memorable for all attendees. Whether it's for a luncheon, wedding or company party, look to SingaporeParties.com.sg for all event planning needs.