#Coufest Rocks Social Media Day in Tulsa

A great night of social media for the first COUFEST Rocks Social Media Tulsa event presented by Social Media Tulsa


  1. #coufest rocks social media day in Tulsa #smdaytulsa #SMTulsa
    #coufest rocks social media day in Tulsa #smdaytulsa #SMTulsa
  2. Great advice, Eric. Thanks again to you & Beau for joining us for #coufest rocks #smdaytulsa @woodyGuthrieCtr By @smtulsa "Loved this from @realEric_himan "Find everything about you that connects you to a community." #COUFest Rocks #Smdaytulsa #socialmedia #music Eric performs at Majestic Sat, Jul 25, 9:00pm - 10:00pm @coufest #greatadvice" via @PhotoRepost_app
  3. Eric: Use social media to follow and connect with industry people.
  4. Follow @wetheghost on @Periscope. Then see them live on the Oklahoma stage presented by The Hardesty Family Foundation Saturday July 25, 2015 at 7:30PM. You can follow #COUFest on Periscope too! #repost from @wyldwomanmedia #smdaytulsa #SMTulsa #coufest rocks #socialmedia #tulsa
  5. Beau: Before you start sharing anything, think about your social media personna.
    Beau: Every post is thought out.
    Beau: Focus on sending fans to YOUR website and have them join your email list. vs. depending on a social media platform
  6. After the panel discussion, Cheryl and other members of Social Media Tulsa were available to answer questions.
  7. A few more tips from Cheryl, based on the questions they received.
  8. Facebook: How to reach more people on Facebook?
    Change your Facebook Cover Photo and Profile Photo: While not everyone who likes your page
    see's each of your posts, everyone does see when you change your cover photo and your profile photo.

    Add descriptions to your cover photo and profile photos. Take advantage of these post with text and link to your next gig.

    Create a Facebook events from your page to get people to join you at your specific time at Coufest.
  9. Name your Facebook page:
    If your facebook page looks like this
    Go to facebook.com/username to change your page name to a Facebook.com/YourBandName
  10. Facebook posts: Facebook gives more attention to links than they do with photos with links in the description
  11. Twitter:
    Use images on Twitter (similar to how you would on Instagram)
    Share your instagram posts to Twitter.
  12. Time management, Schedule posts
    Use sites like Hootsuite.com and Buffer.com to manage multiple social networks and to schedule posts.
    Save time with sites like ifttt.com
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  14. So glad you could join us! By @allaboutabubble "Yesterday @coufest held a panel on social media with @realeric_himan and Beau Tyler. Good to see @roots_of_thought @whtulsa @theyoungvines • 7/24 10:45pm Hunt Club •" #smdaytulsa
    So glad you could join us! By @allaboutabubble "Yesterday @coufest held a panel on social media with @realeric_himan and Beau Tyler. Good to see @roots_of_thought @whtulsa @theyoungvines • 7/24 10:45pm Hunt Club •" #smdaytulsa