#ppschat 2/26/14 Ch 6

Engaging Students' Number Sense Through Guessing Powerful Problem Solving, Max Ray

  1. Just finished reading chapter 6 of Powerful Problem Solving - 4 hours till #ppschat cc @mjfenton
  2. Ch 6 Engaging Students' Number Sense thru Guessing #ppschat who is here?!?!
  3. Putting twins to bed as we speak. Hope to join #ppschat soon!
  4. Present. I'm guessing I'll last 10 minutes before I'm eating leftover cupcakes from daughter birthday. #ppschat #stickykeyboard
  5. just curious - @jrykse how did the fundraising playground problem play out? #ppschat
  6. Alright, I’m here now. At least for the time being. #ppschat
  7. what are some ways you use Guessing in your classrooms? I think its an awesome way to get Ss started! #ppschat
  8. @pamjwilson Although I do have a confession… I haven’t read Chapter 6. :) #ppschat
  9. Started doing too high/low with estimation180 and transitioned to using it with what we are doing in class that day. #ppschat
  10. my Ss enjoy and almost everyone engaged when I use DM 3-acts & @mr_stadel estimation 180 - I wonder if its not the guess high/low? #ppschat
  11. #ppschat definitely reminded me of estimation180...Ss really enjoy those...
  12. @pamjwilson Other than the Estimation 180 stuff I have done, guessing is not something that I have encouraged much. #ppschat
  13. @mjfenton join in anyway. premise is to get leary students engaged in the problem by inviting them to make a guess #ppschat
  14. Thanks to #Estimation180 and the whole #3act category of problems, I started using guessing to launch a lot of problems. #ppschat
  15. seems estimation 180 is there winner for this one! #ppschat
  16. I love the instant boost to “buy in” that having Ss guess generates. It’s a nice payout for a small change. #ppschat
  17. Feel like starting first with estimation180 helped kids develop guessing skills to use in the lessons. #ppschat
  18. With the whole guess-to-get-buy-in dynamic in mind, I’ve started looking for other ways to get Ss to commit to something at start. #ppschat
  19. wondering with graph on 1st page of ch-allowing Ss to share what they know, then let them suggest possible Qs would work? #ppschat
  20. #ppschat I think it's more estimating with reason rather than straight up guessing
  21. to honest -I didn't expect Ss to buy-in, continue asking for est180, just thought it would be good number sense task to begin class #ppschat
  22. @pamjwilson #ppschat I used it a lot last term with my Discrete Math class; LOTS of engagement from unengaged kids
  23. #ppschat I believe in the estimate before solving mentality...making it a consistent part of classroom culture is important
  24. prepping for standardized testing has ruined my Ss, they crunch numbers and look for most reasonable answer w/out any thought+ #ppschat
  25. @BridgetDunbar Yes on explicit.Looking at chapter on how to help kids be "good" guessers. Want to build those in next year at start.#ppschat
  26. I really like the gallery walk idea for stdnts to see how others are organizing their guessing. #ppschat
  27. @jrykse @BridgetDunbar i need a cheat sheet of good facilitation questions to as reminders here! #ppschat
  28. @pamjwilson yes-and the multiplying the 2 and 5 just b/c-I've been trying 2 ask Ss to go back to the "story" of the prob more often #ppschat
  29. #ppschat I think students can easily get frustrated if they don't have some way of organizing their guesses. (That's more ch. 7 though.)
  30. #ppschat Ss really do have better instincts than they believe... Need to build confidence
  31. looking at others work can be so powerful, need to do this more, #ppschat did they discuss what they saw as a whole class?
  32. @MaryBourassa but letting them figure out how to organize - sometimes I think "we" think the math makes it more clean to work with #ppschat
  33. Here’s what I referenced a moment ago. First slide is the problem. Next four = other “guessable” problems.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/gk3qvj0o8y3tjtc/Share.pdf  #ppschat
  34. Here’s what I referenced a moment ago. First slide is the problem. Next four = other “guessable” problems.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/gk3qvj0o8y3tjtc/Share.pdf  #ppschat
  35. #ppschat related but not...how do you all feel Ss do working together? In middle school they do what I call "parallel play"
  36. @jrykse now I remember! - this was their comments & feedback using sticky notes on other students' work! #ppschat
  37. @pamjwilson Yes. Sidenote: I need to get more ways for students to give each other feedback instead of just me. #ppschat
  38. @pamjwilson @jrykse I've done a gallery walk like that before...need to work on "what does feedback look like" ...communication #ppschat
  39. @pamjwilson It's an important skill for them to learn. And there are lots of good ways to do it. #ppschat
  40. @jrykse takes time to do it well, time to process, maybe use 2 stars and a wish 2 things they like/find helpful, 1 improvement? #ppschat
  41. I like the sound of the gallery walk with student-to-student sticky note feedback. #ppschat
  42. @BridgetDunbar @pamjwilson More I get into discourse,more I realize need to chat with LA tchrs.Love howthey model socratic seminar.#ppschat
  43. @MaryBourassa some of the FALs from MARS offers Ss different approaches to problems, Ss are asked to make sense of the responses+ #ppschat
  44. @MaryBourassa +what they like? how could they improve their response - soemtimes "more organzied comes up" good for them to see it #ppschat
  45. @BridgetDunbar Where have I read about group work that talked about that idea?Working together vs parallel vs (there was another). #ppschat
  46. chalk talk from #makthinkvis Ss respond to others' work/responses in writing without verbally speaking. They ask Qs & respond #ppschat
  47. @jrykse yes! I know it's where they are developmentally, but when u try to push prob solving and communication-it's hard for them #ppschat
  48. @pamjwilson that's a grt idea...it's like annotating (close reading) someone else's work. #ppschat
  49. @BridgetDunbar I need to read about close reading - i've heard of it from ELA folks but not sure I know how to use it #ppschat
  50. @pamjwilson @BridgetDunbar Another ELA shout out. Beginning to wonder if should have done minor with LA. :) #ppschat
  51. @pamjwilson that's where I first heard it. Our Ss r getting much better at it since we've implemented CCSS. Now-apply 2 math tasks #ppschat
  52. @MaryBourassa looking forward to ch 7 because it is a great skill for Ss to write down guesses / organize thoughts #ppschat
  53. @pamjwilson Thanks for that - I googled it to find out FAL = formative assessment lesson. Will check them out. #ppschat
  54. @jrykse @BridgetDunbar I've talked with my ELA dept chair several times these past few weeks, actually! #ppschat
  55. @pamjwilson @jrykse the story of the Ss w/ the bar graph-1st thought was another example of Ss w/ difficulty making math meaning + #ppschat
  56. @MaryBourassa boomerangs, cutting corners & Floodlights are 3 that stand out; think most in Problem Solving category offer samples #ppschat
  57. @pamjwilson @jrykse +from print. As soon as u engage verbally w/ Ss abt the prob-they understand. Been investigating this #ppschat
  58. @BridgetDunbar @jrykse are you thinking a reading dis / processing issue? interesting thought #ppschat