Powerful Problem Solving Chat 1/22/14

Chapter 1 #ppschat Power Problem Solving by Max Ray of The Math Forum @ Drexel

  1. If you are joining us for #ppschat let us know you're here, grade level/courses
  2. #ppschat I'm here. Mary from very cold Ottawa, Canada. I teach gr. 9-12 math.
  3. #ppschat I'm here...Bridget from Maryland...no school again tomorrow! middle school math Instructional Resource Teacher
  4. I left my book at school so I read the first 6 pages on amazon preview #ppschat It has been a LONG week
  5. Q1 #pps focuses on standards of mathematical practices, which SMP do you find most difficult for you in your classroom? #ppschat
  6. A1 For my students I think that persevering through challenges. They give up so easily. #ppschat
  7. A1 for many of my Ss #1 perseverance, they want to give up when its tough or just wait for me to tell them the answer #ppschat
  8. A1: teaching kids 2 persevere-how 2 make that concept concrete.took me a long time 2 figure out (at least 1 way) 2 teach structure. #ppschat
  9. A1 I think some of the perseverance problem comes from today's society tho. everything is instant gratification, constant input... #ppschat
  10. A1 Not doing CCSS up here but developing perseverance is always challenging. #ppschat
  11. A1 also, constructing arguments & critiquing reasoning. My Ss have a hard time communicating clearly #ppschat
  12. #ppschat @BridgetDunbar Yes, but also comes from being not being made to struggle through problems - that makes Ts and Ss uncomfortable.
  13. #ppschat @BridgetDunbar Yes, but also comes from being not being made to struggle through problems - that makes Ts and Ss uncomfortable.
  14. A2 Even getting Ss to try to make sense of probs in their own way, maybe for so long they been told, rather than allowed to think #ppschat
  15. #ppschat @MaryBourassa Agree! With teacher discomfort...how much do you think that is affected by teacher content knowledge?
  16. its hard to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, even teachers can fear taking a risk #ppschat
  17. A2 We have Ss include reflection "bubbles" as part of sol'ns to open-ended tasks. Does ans make sense? Could it be done another way?#ppschat
  18. A2 INBs have made a positive impact on reflection for my classroom, taking time to reflect, like I used to think..but now I know... #ppschat
  19. #ppschat @BridgetDunbar Content knowledge is not usually an issue. Stepping outside comfort zone is.
  20. @MaryBourassa A2 have you written a post on that? do you have a particular format for the bubbles? #wanttoknowmore #ppschat
  21. @MaryBourassa I have something similar in my prob solving organizer. asks Ss to justify. I know my answer makes sense b/c ___ #ppschat
  22. #ppschat I plan on adding something to tests Qs for Ss to rate their confidence in sol'ns. Hope it will help reflect during test and after.
  23. Q3 when you hear "students thinking about their thinking" - what images of your classroom come to mind? #ppschat
  24. @MaryBourassa have done something similar before, C confident, G guessed, U unsure or even students rate 1, 2, 3,3 being confident #ppschat
  25. A3 I see groups working on big whiteboards talking through why part of a solution works or doesn't. #ppschat
  26. A2: I work on S reflection by giving them a choose the wrong answers quiz. Ss tell me answer(s) that's wrong-but have 2 tell why #ppschat
  27. @MaryBourassa when I am intentional about it, yes, students can pretty much gauge their "score" #ppschat
  28. A2 @BridgetDunbar that could be very powerful esp if you are very intentional in creating distractors with common misconceptions #ppschat
  29. @pamjwilson #ppschat definitely! wrong answers have to be purposeful. I want them to really have to think about why they are wrong answers
  30. @MaryBourassa it boosts their confidence when preparing for next assessment, trusting they know what they need to focus on #ppschat
  31. #ppschat There was a recent blog post about giving Ss a Q and having them come up w/ correct answer and 3 good distractors.
  32. @BridgetDunbar makes me think of the mistake game, they create a Q with mistakes or generate wrong answers #ppschat
  33. @pamjwilson @MaryBourassa #ppschat that's HUGE! the confidence-the Ss that won't put pencil 2 paper unless they r 100% sure they r correct.
  34. @pamjwilson The box at the top is to put the question in. Formatting looks wonky on the preview, but it is a word doc #ppschat
  35. A3 placing several Ss responses on board and allowing them to determine which is correct, "how'd they get that?" for the wrong ones #ppschat
  36. Q4 one a scale of 0 - 5 how explicit are you in making SMPs part of your curriculum? #ppschat
  37. A4 #ppschat I am w/ @MaryBourassa mostly a 4/5 I think on some-but 0 on others.Big believer in explicit teaching of practices-but not easy
  38. Q5 what routines have you established to encourage listening to student thinking? #ppschat
  39. I think I missed the imprtance of SMPs when first introduced to CCSS they're more important than standards themselves imo #ppschat
  40. I think I missed the imprtance of SMPs when first introduced to CCSS they're more important than standards themselves imo #ppschat
  41. Q6 specific Qs you use to follow-up, support students in reflection, revision, or to re-engage? #ppschat
  42. A5: #ppschat I guess I would say that I do a lot of partner work and I walk around room posing questions-not "a routine" but "my routine" +
  43. @pamjwilson I agree. The SMPs are like the glue that binds it all together. habits of mind- more important than any ind content #ppschat
  44. @pamjwilson I agree. The SMPs are like the glue that binds it all together. habits of mind- more important than any ind content #ppschat
  45. A5: #ppschat + I need to hear their thinking on that individual level.
  46. @pamjwilson This is where the T content knowledge comes in. If there isn't depth...this is really hard... #ppschat
  47. A5 after S response, wait time, then ask another S if they agree/disagree, explain in their own words #ppschat
  48. A6 I ask Ss to listen to each other. Then if Agree/Disagree. Why. and if can't decide ask for more detail from original answerer. #ppschat
  49. if you are really listening to S thinking, there's no answer key, you have to process yourself, its hard sometimes figuring out+ #ppschat
  50. +what to ask without telling them what to do/think, like mary said "uncomfortable" waiting #ppschat
  51. #ppschat @pamjwilson Also difficult to let them finish their thoughts when they are clearly gong down the wrong path. But important to do.
  52. Q7 offer suggestions how you establish a routine for students to "approach a problem by solving a simpler problem" #ppschat
  53. @pamjwilson #ppschat re-engaging is challenging...helpful if you can say "remember that problem we did..."
  54. @MaryBourassa #ppschat and not reacting, but allowing them to do so, not telling them its wrong tough. other Ss think you're looney #ppschat
  55. A7 I don't know that I have routines established for much of anything it seems ;) I do a lot of questioning to elicit connections #ppschat
  56. A7: #ppschat I've been working on that 1 right now-trying 2 find a seq of probs where I teach it & then get them 2 gradually apply
  57. @fourkatie that's how I would define a routine - as something you do to move learning forward, a tool/strategy you use #ppschat
  58. @fourkatie Yes. Me too. I guess I need to think about it more though. #ppschat
  59. @pamjwilson @MaryBourassa I love when you ask them how they got answer, they assume they're wrong-the look on their face! #ppschat
  60. A7 I try to model it more often than allow them to do it on their own. i need to trust them more, or like you said provide opport #ppschat
  61. Not sure which ? this was: #ppschat based on your definition...I think "think-alouds" would be my routine...
  62. Q8 anything else to add? unsilence student voices & helping Ss nderstanding problem solving as a process were all i had left #ppschat
  63. A8...those are the keys to everything aren't they??? #ppschat If we figure those out...
  64. @BridgetDunbar great for Ss to see and hear your thinking definitely! then add "now, you find 2 other approaches for solving it" #ppschat
  65. next week Chapter 2 #ppschat thanks for some great ideas and things to take a risk on this week!
  66. I'm fading fast. I need my beauty sleep. Meeting to get yelled at by angry parent tomorrow #ppschat
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