Six Marathons in Six Days on a Paleo Diet

A Crossfit and endurance athlete wanted to find out if switching to a paleo-based diet would improve his performance for a Marathon des Sables event--a 6-marathons-in-6-days footrace in the Sahara desert.


  1. Crossfit box owner Tom Wyles is an endurance athlete based in the UK who's participated in numerous marathons and Ironman-level triathlons. In deciding to compete for the Marathon des Sables, he also decided to switch from the traditional fast-acting carbs he'd been relying on in the past to a more fat-and-protein paleo diet plan. Here's the pre-race video with Justin Lord, a paleo nutrition/expert who helped Tom with the nutritional strategy for the race.
  2. So what's the verdict? In the post-race interview below, Tom discusses his experience during the six-day event, particularly how his energy level was affected by the paleo-diet strategy.
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