Twitter Overview from the Co-Creative Communities Forum

Below are some many tweets that occurred online at the Co-Creative Communities Forum and Exchange held at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) on the 8th and 9th November 2012. The tweets provide a great opportunity to reflect on topics discussed and links to the relevant initiatives.


  1. The first day opened with several panel presentations with a focus on Broadcasting, Impact Effects Evaluation, Platforms and Publics and Storytelling Futures. The full program can be found at this link: Co-Creative Communities Program.
  2. Welcome from lead investigator Dr Christina Spurgeon and Aunty Joy Murphy.
  3. The first panel for the day was on the theme "Broadcast Yourself" and featured Sue Schardt (Association of Independents in Radio, USA) Cath Dwyer (ABC Open), Michael Torres (Goolarri Media Enterprises), Kath Letch (Community Broadcasting Association of Australia) and Indu Balachandran (Information & Cultural Exchange).
  4. Cath Dwyer from ABC Open mentioned how the simple use of a photograph and the related short story of a footy loving grandpa, was one of their most popular stories.