1. CEOs can be cryptic, but this was ridiculous.
  2. Was it an attempt at geolocation, LinkedIn product manager Florina Grosskurth wondered.
  3. LinkedIn comms chief Shannon Stubo and director Hani Durzy attempted pop-culture spin.
  4. LinkedIn data scientist Peter Skomoroch cited Internet pundit Tim O'Reilly and declared Weiner's one-word tweet a meme.
  5. Viral marketer Shmuly Tennenhaus suggested a new LinkedIn anti-feature.
  6. And then there's this crazy thread between a LinkedIn engineer and former LinkedIn executives Adam Nash and Nate Johnson. (Nash is an executive in residence at Greylock Partners; Johnson's now at Path.)
  7. Most image-conscious executives would have deleted the errant tweet. Weiner kept it—and demonstrated the kind of self-awareness and sense of humor that keeps his troops so loyal.