Four Commonly Reported Problems with Washers

One of the modern conveniences that make life easier for those who do household work is the washer.


  1. One of the modern conveniences that make life easier for those who do household work is the washer. The modern day washer (some call it the washing machine) keeps America's families in clean clothes and linen. Whereas in the days of old, washing might take place once a week, leading to a pile up of dirty laundry, expert washers now are so easy to use that some people wash every day or every other day. With such activity going on with the washer, it isn't hard to expect the machines to regularly need maintenance. A company that does washer repair Atlanta, Georgia has seen multiple problems in the course of a work day with washers. Following are some of the common problems experienced.

    When the washer begins to make strange noises or have vibrations, the problem could be with a bad seal. As such, the tub bearings would have gone bad and need to be replaced.

    Another common problem is when people have washers that stops in mid-cycle or they won't run at all. A problem of this nature could be the switch for the lid or the door on the washer may be worn out and needs to be replaced. It could also wear out over a period from normal wear-and-tear.

    Another typical problem is with a washer that fails to drain. This can be very frustrating when you have a washer full of wet clothes that have not been spun. A technician that does whirlpool appliance repair Atlanta, Georgia has found this problem to be with a drain pump gone bad. This could occur either from objects banging around in the washer (That's why you need to be sure to check all pockets!), or it could occur from natural wear-and-tear. This same problem exists if the water is not being spun out during the spin cycle.

    A final problem that happens because the basket fails to spin could be due to what is called the motor coupler. If you hear a sound like a rattle (or like something is tearing up), it is most likely this motor coupler. If you overload your machine, this will happen, and it will also cause you to wear your washer out prematurely.

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