1. On June 12, faith communities around the world came together to celebrate our world as sacred, and call on leaders to fight for 1.5°C and protect the lives of millions of people.
  2. Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust followed in the wake of the Interfaith Climate Change Statement, that was handed over to the United Nations in New York in April.
  3. Interfaith Climate Change Statement
    Interfaith Climate Change Statement
  4. It was a call for faith communities worldwide to come together for a day of prayer and celebration of the earth.
  5. Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust 2016
  6. But it was also a call to action to world leaders, to limit warming to 1.5°C to protect the lives of millions of people around the world.
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  8. The Climate Vulnerable Forum, the coalition of countries most at risk from climate change, came out in support.
  9. More than 150 events were planned worldwide, across 36 countries and on every continent
  10. Sacred Earth Sacred Trust, June 12, 2016 from The Benedictine Grange
  11. The Muslim community joined as part of Ramadan by organising Green Iftars, the breaking of the fast, based upon the Prophetic diet of local and sustainable foods.
  12. 1.5°C is more than just a number, its the line between a world in which people survive and thrive, free from the very worst impacts of climate change or a world less stable, less safe in which millions of people are threatened.
  13. This is why as part of Sacred Earth people lifted up the drive for 1.5°C by sharing photos, videos and artworks that demanded governments take action!
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