Super Bowl fan reaction to Heinz Ketchup

Last year Oreo gave the "real-time marketing" trend broad visibility with its blackout tweet. In 2014, Super Bowl fans were watching to see which brand had its "Oreo moment" even as a couple brands - notably Oreo and Progressive Insurance - tweeted their intentions to "go dark."


  1. Many felt Heinz was having an "Oreo moment" as a mixture of average fans and fellow marketers tweeted their love of Heinz's in-game tweets, particularly the halftime photo of the score rendered in ketchup, which used a pun to comment on the outmatched Broncos.
  2. The tweet also received some coverage in the advertising trade press during the game.
  3. Overall, the above tweet garnered 745 retweets and 460 favorites with many fans adding their own positive comments to their retweets. There was very little negative commentary about this tweet thanks to its matter-of-fact tone (though a few Broncos fans were chagrined).
  4. Some brands even responded to Heinz's tweet, suggesting it received a noteworthy enough response that other brands wanted to capitalize on it.
  5. The other halftime tweet from Heinz that got some attention with 27 retweets and 20 favorites, but not near as much as the ketchup score.
  6. In the third quarter, Heinz Ketchup's commercial aired and the response to it was overwhelmingly positive.