kipper fillet

A Twitter chat about the EU, democracy, and small government.

  1. @Dr_Udub @arybaczyk @eurocrat @JakubKrupaFE @ottocrat Though u've forgotten to mention unelected commission who have legislative initiative
  2. @ottocrat @arybaczyk @Dr_Udub @eurocrat @JakubKrupaFE If the whole british cabinet was appointed, I think the British people would be angry
  3. @ottocrat @arybaczyk @Dr_Udub @eurocrat @JakubKrupaFE so if the EU people want to get rid of barroso et al how do they do it?
  4. @p952001 Vote for a non-EPP candidate next May. Also: call the Council to account (MS govs) @arybaczyk @Dr_Udub @eurocrat @JakubKrupaFE
  5. @ottocrat @arybaczyk @Dr_Udub @eurocrat @JakubKrupaFE Oh yeah, of course. Man on the street can easily call the eu council to account
  6. @ottocrat "Dear Mr MP, I think barroso is not up to the job. Please get rid." reply: "errr...I can't". Let's vote him out then. Oh, we can't
  7. @p952001 Member State heads of government appointed him and can sack him. Think the Euro Parliament should have more say? Me too!
  8. @p952001 Thankfully, as of next year's EP election, MEPs *will* have more say. A step in the right direction I'm sure you'll agree.
  9. @ottocrat Only if the British people want a political union. To find out if they do, you have to ask. Until that time EU has no legitimacy
  10. @p952001 Uh, we WERE asked, in 1975. You want to keep holding referenda until you get the answer you like?
  11. @ottocrat I believe in small govt so think the whole EU concept vile. Doubly so as it has been anti-democratically foisted upon us
  12. @p952001 You are confusing "small government" with "local government". Global governance can be small (in case of EU, it IS small).
  13. @ottocrat We weren't asked if we wanted a political union where courts/laws are superior, our Borders open etc. V different to common market
  14. @p952001 Yes, we were. Read the original Treaty of Rome.