SEO Must-knows for Every Drupal Developer

The SEO-friendly nature of Drupal makes it a perfect fit for corporate professionals looking for websites that can rank really well on all the popular search engines.


  1. The SEO-friendly nature of Drupal makes it a perfect fit for corporate professionals looking for websites that can rank really well on all the popular search engines. Well, in order to ensure that your custom Drupal development venture is a success, it’s essential for you to gather complete knowledge about all the ways in which a Drupal website can lose its seo-friendly status. As your reading progresses, you’ll come to know about the basic Seo disasters, a Drupal developer needs to be careful about.

    Lack of proper knowledge about SEO can result in incur of penalties for the website and it can never be visible on the first page of Google. Here are some SEO must-knows for every Drupal developer:

    Penalties imposed by search engines- Improper SEO practices such as keyword stuffing, hidden text, hidden links etc. result into penalty on the website. During custom Drupal development, special care needs to be taken to ensure that every link has a color that’s contrasting to the text on either side.

    Hidden Text- A penalty of 30 days is imposed on websites containing hidden text. Here, the term “hidden text” refers to the text where the algorithm has found any part of either the code of text or the code of the background to be same(or nearly same). The internet is crowded with ample number of websites that deal in educating Drupal programmers about the SEO tactics that need to be followed for ascertaining the top-ranking nature of their website.

    Violation of webmaster quality standards- Irrespective of your site’s search engine ranking, even a slightest violation of webmaster quality guidelines can get it banned. One such example is the ban imposed on the German Car Manufacturer BMW due to violation of “Don’t deceive your users” principle. Hence, it’s crucial for every Drupal web development professional to get acquainted with all the webmaster quality guidelines followed by respective search engines. He/she must never take even a single guideline for granted as it may result in the penalization or a complete ban on the website.

    Hidden links- These links are considered worse than the hidden texts. As per this SEO disaster, the web developer ignores the importance of color schemes for buttons(placed on different web pages) as per these three conditions:

    The button’s default color

    The button’s color when the cursor moves over it(mouse hover effect)

    The button’s color when it’s been pressed by the user


    Every Drupal programmers needs to be aware about the basic Seo strategies that need to be followed in order to ascertain the topmost search engine ranking of the website. Search engine is the only route towards a website and it’s the sole responsibility of every site owner to ensure that his/her Drupal website fares really well on all the popular search engines including Google, Bing, MSN etc. A search engine blind website can never get the desired amount of recognition among the potential clients residing in different corners of the world. I hope by now you’d have got an idea about the most crucial aspects related to the search engine optimization of your website. So, never let your website suffer due to lack of SEO knowledge, do a detailed research and get to know about everything that you can do for ensuring guaranteed website success.