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Recap: Hidden Talent Seminar


  1. On the 10th of September we hosted an event along with Harthill and PwC to explore three critical questions from our recent report, The Hidden Talent: Ten ways to identify and retain transformational leaders. Speaking were Rich Wilson of Osca, Jess Leitch of PwC and David Rooke of Harthill. The seminar was facilitated by Mark Dawson, PwC.
  2. Question 1: How do organisations achieve transformation?
    Rich Wilson, Osca
  3. “Transformational leaders recognise complex problems and understand how to approach them.”

  4. Question 2: How do organisations retain strategist leaders?
    Jess Leitch, PwC
  5. “Most strategists work outside of organisations. Corporate hierarchies don’t offer the ‘right’ experiences, they can be unforgiving environments for leaders. Strategist leaders can make other people uncomfortable."

  6. Question 3: How do organisations and individual leaders develop Strategist capability?
    David Rooke, Harthill
  7. "Every late stage leader I have ever worked with has a positive attitude to life. Take your development seriously, but don’t become serious."

  8. Discussion Stage
  9. Sharing Thoughts
  10. “Strategists are often lonely – how do we build a movement that will shift the system, making it a less hostile place for strategists?”

  11. “What do we need to do at a system level to start producing the strategists we need?”

  12. “There's a sense of navigating the system and making ‘the right’ intervention - one that won’t fuel dysfunction.”

  13. “Strategist leaders have a relentless need to reframe.”

  14. The Hidden Talent: Ten ways to identify and retain transformational leaders can be downloaded here

    Photography by Alex Brenner