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Recap: Shared Measurement Seminar

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  1. Shared Measurement: Rethinking Impact – a seminar hosted by Osca with the involvement of NPC - explored the implications of shared measurement for social programmes. We discussed what more, and increasingly public, measurement means for social programmes, and how different participants can play an active part in defining the rules of the game. Speaking at the event were Genevieve Maitland Hudson, Director of Research at Osca; Tris Lumley, Director of Development at NPC; and Bethia McNeil, Director of the Centre for Youth Impact.
  2. Speaking: Genevieve Maitalnd Hudson, Director of Research at Osca
  3. “Measuring is useful when predictive, comparative and/or persuasive.”

  4. Speaking: Tris Lumley, Director of Development at NPC
  5. “We need an ecosystem view of impact - not just looking at isolated organisations… Are we doing better this year than last? We can't do that yet... And we must be able to.”

  6. Speaking: Bethia McNeil, Director of the Centre for Youth Impact
  7. “Impact measurement is a game we’re playing – whose game is it and why are we playing it?”

  8. Discussion and Q&A
  9. “Don’t we need to have a shared mission as a basis for undertaking shared measurement?”

    - David Reed, Generation Change
  10. “How can we make sure we are measuring what people think is important? For example in hospitals we focus on the health care outcome but time and again patients say that their experience of the health service, reception staff and waiting rooms are what’s very important to them.”

    - Miranda Lewis, Miranda Lewis Consulting
  11. "I'm concerned that sector wide collaboration can also lead to pressure to conform, masking the politics of difference."

    - Zoya Mustafa, Teach First