Four Tips for Helping Young Children Learn to Brush

Children need to learn how to brush properly at an early age.


  1. Children need to learn how to brush properly at an early age. Teaching them to brush from early on will help them become comfortable with brushing and keeping up good oral hygiene. A pediatric dentist atlanta parents can take their children to can provide additional tips and resources for getting kids to brush properly. Helping young children learn to brush can be done easier with the help of these four tips.

    Start With a Toothbrush Early

    Toothbrushes are available for all ages. Parents should start their children with a toothbrush early, showing them how to brush appropriately. Child-size toothbrushes fit easily in small hands, and are made with extra soft bristles for safer brushing.

    Use Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

    Toothpaste meant for adults should not be used for children. Many brands contain fluoride that can be harmful if swallowed, and young kids often have trouble spitting out their toothpaste when they are first learning to brush. Fluoride-free options are available that are much safer on the stomach if kids do swallow it.

    Show Them How to Brush, Then Let Them Try Themselves

    Children should learn to brush themselves, without help from parents. In the beginning, however, it is important that parents brush their children's teeth first, showing them the proper way to do so. After they are shown and have learned how to brush adequately, they should be allowed to attempt to brush on their own. Supervision is still necessary, especially in the first few years of brushing while children are young.

    See a Pediatric Dentist Early

    A pediatric dentist atlanta ga children can go to typically recommends that kids come in while they are still babies. The dentist can check on any teeth that are coming in, and ensure the parents understand the best and proper way to take care of these new teeth. Going to the dentist at an early age is extremely beneficial to children because it teaches them the importance of seeing one, as well how to handle it without being afraid.

    Waiting until a full set of teeth have come in before seeing a dentist or starting on teeth brushing is an unsafe practice. Children need proper dental care and guidance from the time they are babies in order for them to learn how to properly care for their teeth and help them grow in correctly. Parents should consider these four tips for helping their young children learn to brush so their kids will become familiar with the dentist and learn how to take care of their own teeth correctly. Those in need of a pediatric dentist can visit .