10 Super Greens That Need To Be A Part Of Your Diet!


  1. Superfoods are jam-packed with health benefits and anti-oxidants. All of then not onloy help your body manage to maintain its health – they also help to slow down the process of aging. And when these superfoods are organic they’re even better because they’re completely free of chemicals!

    And today, let’s look at the greens among these superfoods. Here are 10 of them:

    1.    Kale – curly or the normal kind – are rich in nutrients that contain anti0inflammatory properties among other.

    2.    Green Tea – a big source of catechins – which are anti-oxidants that prevent free-radical damage. Much more effective than Vitamins C and E even!

    3.    Brussels Sprouts – in addition to the superfood benefits – these little vegetables are anti-cancerous and also helps the body to detox.

    4.    Cucumbers – Again in addition to the superfood benefits cucumbers contain compounds that maintain cardiovascular health. These also prevents prostate or estrogen related cancers.   

    5.    Spinach – it is often called THE healthiest of all vegetable – and it indeed is. Be it in vitamins or minerals, few things can beat spinach. And it can be made into many a yummy dish too!

    6.    Green beans – they contain more than one type of anti-oxidants – flavonoids, carotenoids and manganese!

    7.    Avocado – do you love this vegetable in your food? Well, then this should be good news for you! Avocados keep you very healthy, work in a host of different dishes and help to control weight gain!

    8.    Kiwi – research has shown that kiwi contains substances that actually protect your DNA! Kiwi is also a large source of Vitamin C which is needed for healthy body!

    9.    Green Olives – While they are high in fat – these fats actually protect you against cardiovascular disease! They can even help to regulate blood pressure!

    10.    Green Bell Peppers – they contain as much as 117milligrams of Vitamin C per cup! That’s twice as much as your regular orange! They can also prevent cancer.

    Those were 10 super greens. And they contain a treasure trove of benefits! Want to keep your body health and happy? Make the shift to organic superfoods and you will never look back!

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