Chapel Hill Town Council Receives Update on Bias in Policing

In June, the Orange County Bias Free Policing Coalition submitted a petition to the Chapel Hill Town Council with 11 recommendations to eliminate bias in policing in Chapel Hill. At the Oct. 10, 2016 the Town Council Business Meeting, the Council received an update from Police Chief Chris Blue.

  1. First, Town Manager Roger Stancil addressed the council to provide background.
  2. Then, Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue, using Powerpoint slides, made a presentation addressing each of the 11 recommendations.
  3. {Aside: The Racial Equity Institute 2-training is taught as a course at UNC. During this course, students take on projects. One group looked at the CHPD data on consent searches vs. probably cause searches. Below are tweets on what they found.}
  4. Now back to the presentation...
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