Twitter Chat - Is headless CMS signaling the end of WCM?

@oraclewebcenter hosted it's first ever Twitter Chat to discuss the future and direction of content management.


  1. Participants agreed that it is important for organizations to think about how to manage content that is used on multiple channels. Melissa Webster believes headless CMS extends WCM to omni-channel and gives developers the ability to innovate new digital experiences. Flexibility and agility were also cited as key factors needed in order to deliver content when, where and how users want it delivered. Paul Ishwerwood claims that PaaS and headless CMS are pretty much requirements now as complex organizations are taking ownership of their UX. And David Le Strat posed the question of being able to predict where your content will need to be delivered 3 years from now that got a lively discussion from the group including this response from Carlos Picazo that said "in a few years, we will have even more connected than today and content is key, Internet of People!"