The OOW15 Triathlon

Organic community events have been on the rise for the last few years at Oracle OpenWorld (OOW). If you will be at OOW this year, come join the fun (and crazy).


  1. On Saturday October 24th, go on a bike tour guided by Oracle's PL/SQL and Cycling Guru, Bryn Llewellyn.
  2. Since either Facebook or Storify isn't cooperating very nicely right now, I'm putting the links here:

    Event Link: 
  3. Here's the map of the ride. Check out more details on the Facebook Event page.
  4. On Sunday, October 25th, the 4th running across the Golden Gate Bridge.
  5. Finally, early Monday morning, October 26th, come join some of the crazier folks in the Oracle world as we take a dip in San Francisco Bay. Water temp? ~56 F/13 C.