The Impossibility Of A Cat Dog Hybrid

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  1. People's favorite animals are cats and dogs. A combination of the two resulting in a cat dog hybrid would be a great scientific achievement, and it would make pet lovers very happy. Sadly, even though genetic manipulation has advanced to startling levels, scientists have ruled a cat dog hybrid impossible to make. A cat dog hybrid is in the interordinal class of hybrids. 

    Interodinal, Intraspecific / Interspecific, and Interfamilial Hybrid Differences
    Interordinal hybrids arise from parents in different orders. This is a hypothetical hybrid class. Hybrids in this class can be fully described, but they will never exist in reality. A cat dog hybrid is impossible because cats and dogs are part of different orders, and because their genetic factors are almost completely different. Their differences keep them from mating with each other and if by some strange occurrence a cat and dog did mate, it would not result in offspring. 

    Intraspecific hybrids come from hybrids in a species that are from a different sub-species. Interspecific hybrids come directly from hybrids that have origins as different species. These two hybrid forms are fairly common. They can happen naturally or artificially. Interfamilial hybrids come from different families. This is a rare occurrence, and most examples of it come from the past. Intraspecific and interspefic species of hybrids can be fertile. Interfamilial hybrids always suffer from infertility.

    Hybrids Incapable Of Existing
    The cat dog hybrid is not the only hybrid species incapable of ever becoming reality. People have been creating imaginary hybrid species for a longtime. Animals with order, phylum, kingdom, and differences exceeding family do not have the capabilities to hybridize together. 

    Unusual Hybrids
    A cat dog hybrid is an unusual hybrid incapable of ever being created. This has not stopped other animals from breeding together and creating unusual hybrid creations. Predatory big cats born to be enemies and compete with each other have been known to sometimes breed together. Tigers and lions are known to sometimes breed together in the wild and in captivity. The domestic house cat is capable of breeding with many wildcats. 
    Normally when a domestic house cat breeds with a wildcat, their offspring will be infertile. On rare occasions, the offspring will be born fertile. 
    Canines have breeding capabilities similar to domestic cats. Canines are capable of breeding with each other and creating interspecific hybrids. Their offspring are sometimes able to breed, and sometimes they are not able to breed. A cat dog hybrid will never happen because they are two completely different species. They are capable of hybridizing inside of their family, but their differences make it impossible for them to breed together. 
    Some species can get over a natural dislike of each other to mate, but cats and dogs have never been observed doing this. A cat and dog hybrid may be something scientists are able to forcefully piece together in the future, but for now it is not possible. Cat and dog lovers will have to settle for getting both pets separately at the same time.

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