Options For Walk In Shower Dimensions

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  1. A master bedroom  ensuite becomes more functional and home resale value increases when you add a walk in shower. However, before beginning the project you should develop an understanding of walk in show dimensions.

    There are many good reasons for you to install a walk in shower. If you have a small amount of space, a shower takes up less room than a tub. The bathroom in a large ensuite generally has a tub, possibly a Jacuzzi, and a shower, because sometimes a long lingering bath is preferable to a quick shower. On the other hand, some people simply prefer one type of cleaning method to the other. For those who find getting in and out of a tub difficult, a shower is almost a necessity.

    When you have made the decision to install a walk in shower, your next step is to seek out a few Oklahoma City remodeling contractors and discuss with them the work you want done. The dimensions of your shower will depend on your personal preference, as well as the amount of space that is available in your master ensuite. When you find the right contractor, he or she will help you find the shower style best suited for your ensuite. There are many shower possibilities, for example, glass enclosed or door less.

    Dimensions for a Walk In Shower: Standard Types
    When you visit either a plumbing supply or home improvement store, you will discover there are two types of standard walk in showers, one is rectangular and the other square. The type you choose depends on what fits into the space you have.

    Dimensions for a Walk In Show: Square Type
    The dimensions of a standard square shower measure 32 inches wide and 32 inches long, with a height anywhere from 72 to 84 inches. The advantage of standard square shower is that it will fit in almost any bathroom. If you have very little space, this may be your only choice. The disadvantage is they provide very little room and the person taking a shower may feel cramped.  

    Dimensions for Walk in Shower Dimensions: Rectangular Type
    A standard rectangular walk in shower measures 32 inches wide and 48 inches long. The height can be anywhere from 72 to 84 inches. The rectangular dimension provides the person taking a shower greater comfort. If also affords greater cleaning ease. If you have sufficient space for a rectangular shower, this will likely be the one you choose.

    Standard Showers Inspire More Do It Yourself Projects
    If you decide to use a standard shower and install it yourself, this may provide the confidence to move forward with other home improvement projects, each adding to the value of your home. Carports Oklahoma City can be an inexpensive alternative to a garage.  Similar construction to a carport are patio covers Oklahoma City, which will protect your outdoor furniture from the rain. There are times when decks can be transformed into sunrooms Oklahoma City, turning a seasonal space into an all season room.

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