Dictators continue to crumble : Who's next?

2011 brought the unimaginable. A year ago, it was hard to imagine a world without Ben Ali, Hosni Mubarak, Osama Bin Laden and Mu'ammar Gaddafi. Today, the death of Africa's longest reigning dictator has renewed the urgency and hope for the people in the region. The Arab spring is here to stay. Now everyone is asking, who's next? My predictions after the jump.


  1. 11:30p.m - Update : The following exclusive footage from Tracey Shelton of GlobalPost with more details about Gaddafi's death throws series roadblocks to the credibility of the National Transitional Council. So far, nothing  that came from this group remained the same - their story always changes. Also, the way with which the rebels treated the former dictator worries me about the future and the much needed transition to democracy.

    There is no question Gaddafi was a ruthless dictator but why not just shoot the man instead of beating, torturing, and dancing around his corpse? Moral standards? humanity? justice? principles? limits? Why do the new  sheriffs in town, the so called NTC, keep changing their stories? Show me what the future of democracy looks like?

    This is so dispiriting and takes the focus away from the bigger picture. The fact that Human Rights groups are denied access says it all. A glimpse of things to come from the new sheriffs in town - the liberators?

  2. Global Post: "One of Muammar Gaddafi"s few friends on the international stage has said that the former Libyan leader will be remembered "as a great fighter, a revolutionary and martyr."

  3. After dispatching commandos to protect Gaddafi early on when the
    fighting in Libya started, Robert Mugabe, who vehemently opposed NATO's intervention, must be sad and terrified at the same time.

  4. "China moved to embrace Libya's new government Friday after Moammar Gadhafi's death, updating its references to the former leader in state media -- from the "strongman" who defied the West to the "madman" whose time ran out."

    Safe to assume the Chinese started smelling oil? Oh well, AU still beat them in recognizing the NTC. Blame it on time difference? Or wait, is there a time difference?

    Which reminds me of an Oromo proverb : A dead lion is used as a trash bin [you can do whatever you want with the skin after you kill the powerful animal]. All this hypocrisy is sickening.

  5. AU Commissioner Ramtane Lamamra: "Today, the decision which was passed on the 26th of August to suspend the participation of Libyan representatives  in the activities of the AU has been lifted; therefore the current authorities, that is the NTC, are invited to take the seat of Libya at  the AU, effective as of today."

    Asked about the possible response from the NTC to the call by the AU, the Commissioner said: "I am sure that they would resume normal work  with the AU; they belong here."
    What a joke!

  6. Not everyone is celebrating it turns out : "This is a sad day for the people of Africa. This is the beginning of a new recolonization of Africa," said retired Major Cairo Mhandu, a Zanu-PF member of parliament.

  7. Something to ponder : Africans need to reflect on the fall of Gaddafi and, before him, that of Gbagbo in Cote d'Ivoire. Will these events usher in an era of external interventions, each welcomed internally as a mechanism to ensure a change of political leadership in one country after another?

  8. Clearly, I was hours behind most of the world to learn about Gaddafi's death. My first reaction...

  9. Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota's Fifth  Congressional District : never celebrate death
  10. BBC on Gaddafi : "The Libyan leader paraded on the world stage with a style so unique and unpredictable that the words 'maverick' or 'eccentric' scarcely do him justice."

  11. Exclusive Aljazeera footage shows what appears to be the dead body of former Libyan dictator Mo'ammar Gaddafi who was killed in Sirte, Libya. Rebels rejoice : God is Great!

  12. Footage shows Gaddafi's bloodied body
  13. Aljazeera looks back at Gaddafi's year's in power.

  14. Looking back at Gaddafi's rule
  15. On the question of who's next, OPride.com predicted as follows early in April 2011...how are we doing?