Saluting @NickKristof: Kristofize

On April 26, Prof Sree Sreenivasan (@Sree) of Columbia Journalism School started an online campaign to celebrate Nick Kristof's (@NickKristof) birthday using social media –– and to do some good. Here's a glimpse of the online reaction. What did we miss? Storified by @Opride,


  1. The project and how to join...

  2. What started as an error in a speaker sign inspired @Sree's idea that people around the world could add an "of" to their names (not their handles) on Twitter. This article, in @CNET News, shows just how to do that. In addition, it shows ways in which you can go beyond the cosmetic to actually do some good today. 
  3. Just some of the people who Kristofized:
  4. Twitter Kristofized...

  5. Kristofize: Happy Birthday, Nicholas!
    Kristofize: Happy Birthday, Nicholas!
  6. @NickKristof Reacts...

  7. *His post about the project on Facebook received 1300+ Likes, 227 comments and was shared 58 times.