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The Semantic Web for Collaborative Learning

A Twitter conversation about what the semantic web means - and what it means for professional learning and development.


  1. This morning I jumped into a great conversation about the semantic web on Twitter.

    Not only did this conversation illuminate the implications of the semantic web for learning and development, it provided an excellent example of the value of a social media-fueled personal learning network (PLN) for personal and professional growth. 

    Cammy Bean (@cammybean) got us started with an open-ended question, and the conversation bloomed from there.

  2. It turns out Aaron Silvers (community manager at ADL and a vocal member of the learning community) is well-versed in the semantic web.
  3. Dave Kelly interjected with a great idea- let's organize this conversation with a hashtag to make it easier to follow. 
  4. Here, Cammy gets to the meat of the matter: 
  5. So what's the difference between the technology and the applications of the technology for real life? 
  6. So Aaron, you've brought us this far - bring it home! What does this mean for the learning sector?