Library fines: should they stay or should they go?

Using the #libraryfines hashtag, we put that question to our Twitter users yesterday. Here's what we heard.

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  1. The conversation began with this tweet from the Ottawa Public Library, asking what followers thought of the elimination of overdue fees in Windsor, Ont.:
  2. That tweet got us thinking: could OPL do away with library fees as well? We wrote this story, which looked at how OPL's fees stack up to other libraries and how much revenue those fees generate. We also asked our Twitter followers to chime in:
  3. Many of you told us OPL shouldn't stop penalizing delinquent borrowers, since fines bring in money and spur people to return their material on time:

  4. A smaller, no-less vocal crowd told us that library fines should be tossed out like a ratty old pocket novel:
  5. One Twitter user suggested a creative compromise:
  6. While others put the question in greater context: 
  7. We also asked whether anyone had ever had their fines forgiven: